Over 10 years in the making

My decade-long project is a journey best captured by Montaigne's words:

"Amazement is the foundation of all philosophy; inquiry, its progress; and ignorance, its conclusion."

+75 Books read

+2000 Notes organised

+30 Philosophers

This is a lifelong project

The project remains a work in progress, with much to explore, refine, and understand. It's a personal endeavor to which I devote daily hours, a solo journey of dedication and discovery.

– There's much more on the horizon...

Notion - Empty template
Philosophers: A comprehensive framework with templates to organize notes
Meditations: Templates to curate and access your favorite quotes
Topics: Templates to categorize notes by topic and discern connections between them
Books list: A handpicked assortment of books with a structured template to arrange your reading priorities
Reflections: A designated space to compile and structure your daily insights
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Notion - Empty Template + Template with 2000 Notes
An Empty Template
Philosophers: 36
Meditations: 11
Topics: 11
Books list: 75
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